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Poetsambition's Blog Missing You
Posted by Poetsambition on 2010-05-06 20:22:50.

The Epitome of Beauty of that was You Now distantly is the intimacy eternally my lady You No mistaken you was all amazing to me You all inhabit in your own special category You Miss your body i was caressing tenderly You the way we was embracing after hours of love-making You The things that did to You It's not all about us being sexually You When you dressed up or a scarf and Pj's still sexy You In the bedroom it's Barnum bailey circus act flipping like an acrobat You while listen to... 2 comments



Poetsambition's Blog Bury Me A Poet
Posted by Poetsambition on 2010-05-06 17:37:32.

See I'm a word slinger until my day of bereavement, expiration until im peacefully resting Unstoppable Mafioso of poetry I see my life pass me as the smoke burns in the ashtray Looking to find my way and take it day to day as go along on this journey This world is just temporary territory Momentary serenity and sanity hours later running on Empty the venom was contagious and impenetrable to resist I should have been wary of the spell what I thought heaven was Hell and lost my grip when... One comment

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