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African American Passions: Black Singles Online

  • dmitri101
  • 70 years old | Bay Shore, NY, USA

  • feedback
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  • 30 years old | New York, NY, USA

  • bab61854
  • bab for ever
  • 65 years old | Doniphan, MO, USA

  • raiadus
  • 25 years old | Denver, CO, USA

  • cobraid06
  • Honey I am home 5ft 7in...looking
  • 65 years old | Aaron, MO, USA

  • mrpositive247
  • 54 years old | Chicago, IL, USA

  • lokey6
  • 37 years old | Chicago, IL, USA

  • mrk27302
  • so you're through with love and you say it's just a waste of time (wasteof time you blew my mind)there are two sides to love and if you will,i'd like to show you mine girl love has it's ups and downs sometimes like a merry go round, going round and round and around and around,never knowing where you're bound, i may not be the one you want,but i'm sure the you need,give me a chance to prove love sh...
  • 66 years old | All of NC, USA

  • rabidkwok
  • Love it
  • 0 years old | Los Angeles, CA, USA